Whiskey Tasting

For many years we have been asked questions about Irish whiskey by visitors from all parts of the world and what makes it so different from Scotch, Bourbon and Rye Whiskies. Such was the level of interest Padruig decided to start whiskey tastings in the Beaufort Bar 10 years ago, these have proven to be extremely popular and another reason why a visit is highly recommended.
Irish whiskey is unique in many ways from its origin to ingredients, method of distillation, variety and taste. There is no better way to fully understand and appreciate this than through a tasting which generally takes 45 minutes to an hour depending on the number of participants.
We offer two distinct tastings each consisting of 5 whiskeys, both include the complete history of Irish Whiskey, from its origin, method and distillation process to tasting each one.

Entry Level

Tasting that includes tasting five year old Irish whiskey’s both regular and malt
Cost: €35.00.

Premium Level

As per above but consisting of 12 year old and upwards Irish Whiskey.
Cost: €70.00.

We have over 300 different whiskeys available at Beaufort Bar.

“A whiskey is the creation of something
harmonious, balanced and fundamentally social…
It brings together the mastery of the distilling process
with the mystery of its humble ingredients.
It is this indefinable nature that makes a
Premium Whiskey far more than the sum of its parts.”The Jameson Masters